Kellogg Celebrates International Day of Women & Girls in Science

Throughout the world, a significant gender gap persists at all levels of science. According to the United Nations, the global community has made a significant effort over the past 15 years in inspiring and engaging women and girls in this area.   

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly declared Feb. 11 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in order to further achieve gender equality, as well as full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls.

At Kellogg Company, we are committed to accelerating our gender equity progress, increasing our female representation across all areas of the business. And, in honor of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Kellogg Vice President, Global Quality & Food Safety, Theo Morille-Hinds answers a few questions, sharing her story and passion for science.

What is your role at Kellogg?

As Vice President, Global Quality & Food Safety, I provide leadership for multiple global functions including: Food Safety, Quality Compliance to Design, Quality Innovation, etc. The quality and safety of our foods, along with the safety of our colleagues, are an inherent part of our K Values. At Kellogg, we are passionate about building food safety and quality into every Kellogg product every day, ensuring our consumers receive the consistency and value they expect from us.

How is science integrated into your work?

In my role, I lead the development and execution of all science-based policies, procedures and technical standards related to quality and food safety. The study of food, inclusive of safety, quality and innovation, is known as food science.  As we develop innovative foods, science is inherent throughout the entire process.

As a woman in science, why is Kellogg your employer of choice?

I am especially proud to work for a company where senior leadership is accessible, where diverse thinking is encouraged and where my voice is heard and valued. Kellogg knows people are its greatest asset – they drive our Deploy for Growth Strategy. When we work as a team to better serve the needs of our diverse consumers, we deliver fresh thinking, product innovations and quality brands. I am grateful to work for an organization that understands that to remain competitive, we need to have a global and diverse workforce that leverages different backgrounds and numerous viewpoints – including women with a passion for science.  

How did you begin your career in food science?

I have always loved science. From a young age, I loved discovering all aspects of things that cannot be seen. My fascination grew and I began to pursue different career options. I’m from St. Lucia, an island in the Caribbean, and, while science was an acceptable field for women, we could not pursue the highest levels of the field to become doctors. However, I knew I wanted to be a doctor and refused to take ‘no’ as an answer.

I moved to the United States to pursue a degree, and during my time in the states, discovered an open role in food science. Even though I had little knowledge of the food industry, I decided to take a chance. I discovered a fascination for the work and never looked back.

Why do you think it’s important for women and girls to be in science and what advice do you have for them?

Women bring a different perspective to the field. The more holistically you can see and understand something, the more opportunity there is for success. And, the more women we have in the field, the more opportunities exist to become mentors to one another. We need women in leadership roles to open the gates and to change the narrative, allowing for more gender equity in science.

There is never a day that I am not learning and not influencing. If you want something, don’t focus on the way you are, but instead, focus on what the possibilities are and the chances you’re willing to take. And, find a company like Kellogg that encourages diversity of thought and offers empowering opportunities to bring your most creative thinking, do your best work and achieve your full potential.



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