Honoring World Food Day


Each October 16, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations sponsors World Food Day to draw attention to the worldwide issue of food security. In 2018, the World Food Day theme was “Our Actions Are Our Future – A #Zero Hunger world by 2030 is possible,” highlighting how countries, decision makers, companies and corporations, civil society and citizens are taking action and working together to achieve U.N. SDG 2 – Zero Hunger.

As a global food leader, Kellogg and our foods play an important role in addressing food security. Beginning on World Food Day, and running through Giving Tuesday, on November 27, Kellogg held a global food drive in support of food banks around the world. The company also invited people to join us in making a difference through two innovative partnerships:

  • With our partner Feeding America, we conducted a survey of U.S. food banks to identify the 10 foods hungry families request most. From this information, we created a special Kellogg/Amazon.com donation page where people could easily “click, ship and donate” these non-perishable grocery items to a nearby Feeding America location. More than 30,000 servings of food were donated during the promotion.

  • We also partnered with The Global FoodBanking Network on a survey of hundreds of food banks in 31 countries to identify, by region, the 10 food items hungry families need most. With this information, we encouraged people in these countries to donate these foods to local food banks.

In support of these partnerships, our teams around the world were proud to accomplish the following:

  • Employees in China volunteered their time to donate cereal to children and older people in need.

  • Kellogg Canada packed breakfast boxes of food for local breakfast clubs and donated more than USD$150,000 to its breakfast partners;

  • In Battle Creek, Michigan, employees and community members joined United Way to pack 100,000 meals that were donated to the local food bank.

  • Kellogg held a food drive at our global headquarters that collected 53,000 servings of food.

  • Our Korea team hosted a promotion with an online shopping mall whereby one serving of cereal was donated for each Kellogg product purchased during the event. More than 110,000 servings of food were donated to the local food bank;

  • Our Kellogg Latin America team secured the donation of more than 3,000,000 servings of food to food banks in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Panama; and,

  • Kellogg Russia employees prepared 15,000 meals across five locations to help feed people in need.

Also to draw attention to World Food Day, Kellogg U.K. conducted a study on the impact of food deserts in deprived areas. The study found that more than a million people in Great Britain live in food deserts – neighborhoods where poverty, poor public transport and a lack of big supermarkets severely limit access to affordable fresh fruit and vegetables.

We also co-sponsored the first comprehensive study – The State of Global Foodbanking2018: Nourishing the World – on international food banking with The Global FoodBanking Network spotlighting how food banks can help achieve U.N. SDG #2 – Zero Hunger.