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D&I: A winning idea

At Kellogg Company, we are firmly committed to Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, marketplace and in the communities where we work and live. Our focus on diversity enables us to build a culture where all employees are inspired to share their passions, talents and ideas. They become a part of a team that works to serve the needs of our diverse consumers by delivering fresh thinking, product innovations and quality brands. One recent example of this is from our Kellogg Latin America (KLA) region.

Earlier this year, KLA implemented KUBIC LA – an online brainstorming game that fosters collaboration and diverse thinking to surface the best ideas on cost-saving measures. Recently, Gabriela-Alejandra V., E2E Cost Optimization Senior Manager, KLA, shared her experience with the inclusive, collaborative game. 

What is KUBIC LA?
KUBIC LA is a game focused on end-to-end cost savings ideas. We launched the program for a five-week period, welcoming all KLA employees to submit their ideas to the platform anonymously. Using nicknames, participants could comment on other submissions and earn points by attracting votes for their ideas. By keeping identities hidden, participants felt safe to submit their ideas in a judgement-free and creative environment.

Where did the concept for the game come from?
The game was originally implemented in our Asia Pacific and European regions. In Asia Pacific, the winning idea came from an employee in KLA. This led our team to think about the benefits of having an “outsider’s perspective” and how it might be leveraged in our Latin America offices and generate new and different ideas for cost savings.

How does KUBIC LA reinforce Kellogg’s diverse and inclusive culture?
In previous, more traditional, ideation sessions, it was always the same group of people participating, which often resulted in similar results and ideas. By leveraging this platform, we were able to include more people from a wide-range of experiences and backgrounds to deliver more diverse perspectives and yield exceptional ideas. We had a total of 452 ideas submitted and out of that number, we will pursue 46 of them.

The game helped to alleviate any potential bias associated with an idea submitted from one part of the company or another. The underlying idea behind the game is that good ideas can come from anywhere. For example, the winner of KUBIC LA works in the sales department, not supply chain management, which is where the majority of this work is done. Having a winner from a different department is very motivating for us. We think this is one of the best examples to support Diversity & Inclusion at Kellogg.

What’s next for KUBIC LA?
I’m excited about the possibilities for KUBIC LA. We will continue to work with the information gathered from the first game and develop into projects that will help us build a stronger cost savings pipeline. We’re also looking at the possibilities of expanding into other countries. I am so proud to work for a company that empowers its employees to be innovative, creative and inclusive, and encourages a sense of belonging for all.

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