Addressing food security

Around the world, Kellogg is helping to address food security in many ways, including providing food to people in need. We donate to food banks on six continents, support children’s breakfast clubs and other feeding programs, step in when needed during times of natural disaster, and deliver important nutrition education to help address the global health concerns of malnutrition and obesity. Our colleagues and retirees donate their time and talents to support hunger relief and we’re engaging millions of people in this issue as well.

Donating food to people in need

In 2017, we provided nearly 570 million servings of food to people in 30 countries via donations to 38 food banks. This includes our donation to Food Banks Canada, which has more than 500 food banks located across the country. It also includes donations to Feeding America, with 200 food banks across the U.S.

We’re especially excited to have helped launch two new initiatives. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates Kellogg was one of the first companies to donate food to the new UAE Foodbank. In France, we helped the Restaurant Du Coeur open a new operation in Limoges to feed people in need, as well as donating food and volunteer time.

We’re also honored by several recognitions we received in support of this work:

“CrossCare’s relationship with Kellogg has helped to develop and support our emergency food provision for those affected by food poverty in Ireland. They have help us provide breakfast for homeless families and individuals. But it’s not just about the cereal. The teams at Kellogg have worked with food drives, fundraisers and consulted with us on new campaigns to expand the work we do. In a very real way, Kellogg has become a true partner in the fight against food poverty and hunger in Ireland.”

Michael McDonagh, Senior Manager, Community and Food Provision, CrossCare Food Bank, Ireland

Expanding breakfast programs

Nowhere is the impact of hunger more significant than with children who have no breakfast. This morning meal is so important to helping students focus more on the lessons and less on being hungry. Twenty years ago, Kellogg started its first breakfast club in the United Kingdom to help make sure that children show up ready to learn. Today, we support 36 breakfast club programs in 32 countries. We are also helping to expand participation in free schoolbreakfast programs in the U.S. In 2017, we reached more than 586,000 children through breakfast and nutrition education programs.

Recently, we held an event with a Danish Member of the European Parliament to illustrate the importance of breakfast programs in Denmark and elsewhere. We also:

  • Partnered with the Italian Red Cross to create the first school breakfast clubs in Milan, Turin and southern Italy, providing a healthy breakfast to almost 200 children every school day.
  • Supported Action for Healthy Kids, Food Research and Action Center, and No Kid Hungry to increase access to U.S. school breakfast programs for 300,000 young people, including helping to create new “grab-and-go” models that especially appeal to teens.
  • Worked with Breakfast Clubs of Canada to feed more than 167,000 children in approximately 1,500 breakfast clubs across the country.
  • Joined India’s Akshaya Patra Foundation that provides mid-day meals to more than 1.6 million children. Kellogg will bring a full year of mid-day meals to children in some government schools.
  • Increased school breakfast clubs and participation in Colombia to reach 3,400 children every school day.

We also understand that hunger strikes when children aren’t in school. Our recent study addressing Europe’s hidden food divide showcased the fact that 40 percent of families in France, Germany, Spain and Italy rely on food donations during school holidays. This need is not limited to Europe, so we support a wide variety of feeding programs.

  • In Canada, we joined forces with Food Bank Canada to provide 30,000 mini-meal packs for children who otherwise may not eat when school is not in session.
  • In the U.S., Kellogg supported 66,000 people through United Way’s summer feeding program.

“Thanks to the Kellogg cereal donation for children at our school, their concentration is increasing in their school work and sports activities, forming healthier, stronger, happier and enthusiastic children.”

Eva Casarrubias, Administrator, Formacion Integral Los Olivos, I.A.P., Queretaro, Mexico

Providing support during disasters

Unfortunately, 2017 saw multiple natural disasters, from earthquakes in Mexico; to fires in the U.S., Canada and Korea; to hurricanes in the Caribbean and the U.S., including Puerto Rico; and mudslides in Colombia. Kellogg provided millions of servings of food and financial donations to support relief efforts.

“When a crisis hits, we can count on Kellogg to mobilize swiftly and to deliver quick and efficient donations that are appropriate for our needs in the early stages of a disaster. Kellogg is truly one of our first responders.”

Patrick Crawford, Director of Disaster Services, Feeding America

Nutrition education

Ensuring that people have the food they need is one part of the equation. Arming them with nutrition information to take charge of their health is another. Kellogg is providing people – especially young people – with the information they need to fight the interrelated issues of obesity and malnutrition.

  • When our Special K® brand learned that two out of three young women are not getting the nutrients they need to live life at full strengthg, we knew we had to help. We forged a multiyear global partnership with the United Nation’s Foundation’s Girl Up™ and provided access to nutrition information to adolescent girls in 45 countries.
  • Our KNA Specialty Channels team piloted a program with the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Council to reach young, inner-city women who are not part of a traditional Girl Scout troop. We provided a grant to help build a curriculum around “STEAM” topics, including science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. Kellogg volunteers led the sessions and introduced these aspiring young women to potential future careers.

I have a better understanding of nutrition and how it affects my inner strength and sense of self. As someone in recovery from an eating disorder, it has totally changed how I view myself. I understand now that nutrition fuels my strength and allows me to be a better version of myself.

Gabriela, Girl Up participant


Our company also cares passionately about helping people in need and has wholeheartedly embraced our goal to create three billion Better Days. We are well on our way to hitting our goal of 45,000 volunteer days by the end of 2025; having contributed 7,451 days in 2017. There is tremendous enthusiasm for volunteerism across the company. Yammer, our internal social media channel, promotes volunteer opportunities daily, our retirees have lent their time to this need, and Kellogg Australia and Kellogg Canada launched portals to connect people to volunteer opportunities.

“Having been inspired by a Kellogg group volunteering session, I have now joined a local food bank where I volunteer weekly. We feed up to 70 homeless and disadvantaged people daily. It is immensely rewarding to be able to use my skills to help people immediately and directly.”

Rupert, KEU

“Volunteering is the most pure thing you’ll be able to do during your life. Doing something for others, without expecting anything in return, makes you feel awesome. It is difficult to explain until you do it.”

Noel, KLA, who, as a paramedic, belongs to a search and rescue team that rescued people during the 2017 earthquake in Mexico City.

“I had the privilege to volunteer my time at the Clontarf Foundation. I left on a high, feeling proud that I work for a company that supports foundations like Clontarf in helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves.”

Jo, KAP, who volunteers with the Kellogg Australia team

“What I love is to spend time with colleagues, and also to meet people in the community and people who volunteer at the foodbank. Volunteering is a really great opportunity to see how what we do as a company has an impact on our community.”

Sandra, KNA, who volunteers with other Kellogg Canada colleagues in at the local food bank.

Engaging people around the issue of hunger relief

Kellogg supports many schools to help feed children who may otherwise go hungry. But what about when school is closed? These programs are a priority as well. That’s why we produced a snow days video to raise awareness about the impact of snow days on children in need and to encourage people to donate to our partner, No Kid Hungry.

We know that by engaging consumers and shoppers in the important issue of hunger relief, we can have an even greater impact. In 2017, more than 66 million people did so in a variety of ways.

  • In Russia, our annual Lenten promotion celebrates the traditional season of giving by provide breakfasts for children in need with the purchase of our Lubyatova®™ crackers and cereals. As part of this long-running program, Russian consumers donated 3 million servings of breakfast cereal to kids in 2017.
  • In Canada and the U.S., Kellogg partnered with Walmart’s Fight Hunger. Spark Change program. When people purchased participating Kellogg products in store or online, we made donations to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America, respectively.
  • U.K. breakfast clubs benefited from our back-to-school program with retailer Tesco and food redistribution charity FareShare that encouraged people to help give a child breakfast by purchasing Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®, Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® and Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® cereals and Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® milk bars. One million servings of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® were donated to breakfast clubs as a result.
  • In the U.S., people generously responded to our Giving Tuesday US$10,000 matching grant for Action for Healthy Kids, raising an additional US$17,000 to support school meal programs.
  • We have also long supported the U.S. United Way campaign in the communities where we have operations. In 2017, Kellogg and its employees pledged US$4.8 million and volunteered 3,000 hours of time to United Way. As a key partner in hunger relief, half of our United Way corporate contribution is directed toward this cause.



“I'm not happy when we have a snow day. If I don't go to school, there's not going to be anything to eat. When I hear that school has been canceled, I'm kind of sad. Lots of kids say they're hungry, but ‘real hungry’ is different. When your stomach is almost in pain, that's real hungry.”

A child who receives breakfast and lunch at school


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