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Nourishing Ourselves and Others

Most of the time, the best office team-building activities take place away from the office. Employees who share interest in activities outside of work end up bonding with each other – and then using those relationships to improve their work performance as well.


I’ve witnessed this phenomenon firsthand within the Global Business Services (GBS) division of Kellogg Company.


GBS is truly global, with offices in Grand Rapids, Querétaro (Mexico), Bucharest (Romania), Mumbai and Manila. In addition to sharing the workload providing global technology support for Kellogg, we share a common goal to give back to the communities where we live and work. Together, we strive to live the values of our founder, W.K. Kellogg, a leading philanthropist who set a beautiful example for those of us who followed him in his business.


His legacy continues to come to life today through our Breakfasts for Better Days™ global signature cause platform. Through this work, we’re committed to creating 3 billion Better Days by fighting hunger and feeding potential in our communities. This includes a passion for helping our neighbors in need through employee volunteerism.


Globally, our GBS employees are on track to volunteer more than 15,000 hours this year, providing Better Days for people in need. In fact, GBS is responsible for contributing approximately 20 percent of our total Breakfasts for Better Days volunteer commitment.


As a team, GBS employees have volunteered at local food banks, prepared meals and served lunch at area Salvation Army locations, handed out fresh food to hungry families at food distribution centers, and worked with area nonprofit organizations such as the Charitable Union who provide clothing and other services to those in need.


Additionally our IT team in Mumbai India, focused on distributing food and helping area nonprofits such as the Helen Keller Institute for Deaf and Deafblind, the Logic Centre & Community Welfare Association, and TOUCH (Turning Opportunities for Upliftment & Child Help), which benefit destitute children and families throughout India.


The entire GBS team has experienced the many positive benefits of volunteering. We’ve built a special camaraderie with each other that translates back to the workplace. But perhaps equally important – and aligned with our company’s purpose of “Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive” – we find it’s nourishing our bodies and souls as well.


I feel very fortunate to work for a company that recognizes the importance of reaching out to those in need…and through giving back, we receive so much more.