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K Value Awards Honor Diversity & Inclusion
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Every year, the W.K. Kellogg Values Award program salutes Kellogg employees who model our K Values. It’s our company’s highest honor. This year, Viveca Fairbanks-Henderson and Amani Brown, were chosen for a K Values award for Diversity and Inclusion, based on their leadership of KAARG, Kellogg’s Business Employee Resource Group (BERG) for African-Americans. At Kellogg, our K Values are the core of who we are and reflect the way we want to succeed.

To celebrate their recognition, we sat down with Viveca and Amani, and asked them to share the significance of this award.

Congratulations on the recognition. What does this mean to you? 
V&A: This is an amazing honor. It is a privilege to serve as Co-Chairs of KAARG, We have a special opportunity to work with very committed Leadership Team members and our Executive Sponsor, Scott Salmon.  He is a champion of our work and a supportive ally. We are proud that our goal to make a positive impact on the business and create a culture that is valuable for Kellogg has been recognized within the organization.

Tell us more about KAARG.
V&A:  Our mission is to lead, support and coach African American employees and the company by promoting cultural awareness. We provide resources that promote professional growth, career advancement and the hiring and retention of African American employees.

We support employees in a variety of ways: through hosting dynamic speakers who address leadership and development, or by facilitating key topics that are timely and relevant based on Kellogg’s business goals. We also work with the community to sponsor networking events that allow us to strengthen connections between our members. Our programming is diverse and designed to meet the needs of our membership while supporting the organization’s overall business goals.

What benefit does KAARG bring to Kellogg?
V&A: KAARG provides the forum to create a sense of community across the organization—at headquarters and in the field. Retention of African American employees continues to be an opportunity area for the company. We serve as a key resource to drive improvement in the retention, development and advancement of African Americans. KAARG plays a unique leadership role and creates an inclusive environment, which is a key enabler for growth across our business.

How did you feel after receiving this award? 
V&A: We were surprised, thrilled and appreciative of the recognition.  We knew that we received a nomination, which was incredible. Learning that the committee had selected us as one of the regional recipients reinforces the impact KAARG has on the company, and reassures our team that we are valued.  It is a great honor to receive such a prestigious award.

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