3 Things You Didn’t Know about the New Pringles® Super Bowl Ad:

On Sunday, Feb. 4, the Pringles® brand will debut its first-ever Super Bowl television advertisement. The Pringles® commercial features actor Bill Hader, and the phenomenon of “flavor stacking.”

Flavor stacking introduces a new way to experience the fun of Pringles simply by combining the broad range of Pringles to create one of 267,720 possible combinations. To learn how this concept came to life, we sat down for a quick chat with Yuvraj Arora, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Kellogg’s U.S. Snacks business unit.

But first, a primer on Pringles flavor stacking:
To create a flavor stack, grab a few favorite Pringles flavors, stack them up, and take a bite for a completely new taste sensation. Here are some our favorite flavor stack samples:

  • Pringles Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Stack
    • Flavors Required: BaconLoaded Baked Potato & Jalapeño
  • Pringles Pico De Gallo Stack
    • Flavors Required: Extra HotJalapeño & Loud Fiery Chili Lime
  • Pringles No Mess Chicken Wings Stack:
    • Flavors Required: BBQ, Buffalo Ranch, Ranch


1.How did this concept come about?

We work with creative agency partners to develop campaigns that delight and engage consumers. So, for this execution, the team at Grey, the agency of record for Pringles, were sitting around the office eating Pringles and brainstorming concepts. We love when our partners take a hands-on approach to our products. It dawned on the team that new flavors could be created and customized by stacking different crisps. Their reaction was, “Wow! How’d we never think to do this?” So this small discovery became a big moment.

Our agency partners wrote the ad and cast comedian Bill Hader and Documentary Now! Director Rhys Thomas to bring it to life. Rhys and Bill first met when Rhys was directing and producing shorts for Saturday Night Live (SNL). Since most people’s reaction to flavor stacking is “wow,” we brought on the one person who could bring endless faces and reactions to that one word. We love that Bill Hader taps into the playful behavior that is at the heart of the Pringles brand.

2.Why is Pringles advertising in the Super Bowl?

Pringles is the perfect crisp for game-watching. Airing a spot during Super Bowl LII is a fantastic way to engage people in flavor stacking. I’m envisioning groups of friends gathered around a table of snacks creating hundreds of combinations as the game progresses. What I love about this is that we’re not unveiling a splashy new flavor; we’re showing a new way to create new favorite flavors right at home, with the snacks that are already out on the table for the game.

The Pringles ad is airing during the first half of the big game. Maybe during the second half of the game, we’ll be hearing on social media about new flavor stacks that are being invented on the spot using #PringlesStack. We are also bringing this concept to life in stores with demonstrations and samples of different flavor stacks. As a marketer, my goal is to create campaigns that engage consumers, delight them, and keep them excited about coming back. That’s part of what makes this campaign so much fun.

3.What’s next for Pringles?

Pringles flavorologists keep a pulse on trends and requests to deliver new flavors that fans will love. Fans can expect bold new flavors such as Pringles Extra Hot which will hit shelves in early 2018.

We’re excited to see what new combinations develop as a result of flavor stacking. With so many possibilities, we’re looking forward to seeing what consumers want in new flavors.

For more information, you can follow @Pringles on TwitterYouTube and Instagram and check out Facebook.com/Pringles. People can also search social media platforms with the hashtag #PringlesStack or take a look at this year’s Super Bowl YouTube AdBlitz page.

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