Providing Better Days for Children Everywhere
Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, Kellogg Company

This morning, while you were going to work, kids around the country were lining up at bus stops, navigating crosswalks, and making their way to school. It’s the start of a normal day for millions of kids in America.  Yet, as I watched the kids bundled in winter coats and carrying over-stuffed backpacks, I was reminded that one out of each six of these children probably began their day on an empty stomach.

For many of these kids, skipping breakfast isn’t an option. They miss breakfast because there isn’t enough food at home. And this is the reality for far too many kids in America today.

According to the most recent data from the United States Department of Agriculture, nearly 13 million children face hunger in our country. That is, they don’t have enough food at home for a healthy, active lifestyle. They face the negative health effects of poor or undernutrition and the anxiety and worry wondering where their next meal will come from. And while hunger is harmful to everyone, it can be especially devastating to children because of its potential for long-term consequences to their health, academics and future outcomes. A healthy breakfast correlate to better health outcomes, yet the opposite is also true. Studies indicate that when low-income children miss breakfast, they also miss essential nutrients that they may not make up for later in the day.

Working to solve the problem of childhood hunger is one that we all need to rally around. Last year, nearly 22 million school children received a free or reduced price school lunch, but despite the same eligibility, only about 12 million children participated in school breakfast. That’s why Kellogg Company has partnered with Action for Healthy Kids and others on the frontline of combatting childhood hunger. Action for Healthy Kids is one of the many partners that helps Kellogg Company support its global signature cause, Breakfasts for Better Days.

We know that food insecurity is a pressing issue in communities around the country, and we’re committed to supporting partners – like Action for Healthy Kids – so kids can do important things like concentrate in class and play during recess. Together we’re committed to feeding potential and working to close the gap in school breakfast participation. In fact, we’re committed to helping 2 million kids get school breakfast here in the United States and around the globe by the end of 2025.

Ending childhood hunger is a task greater than any one company, or nonprofit partner, can address on its own.  It is also a problem that’s preventable, and we’re committed to helping people engage in this important issue. This year, in recognition of Giving Tuesday, Kellogg is matching gifts up to $10,000 to support our partnership with Action for Healthy Kids. Please join us. When you make a donation on Giving Tuesday, you’ll help us feed the potential of even more students in schools around the country. To donate please visit:

Donating is the first and most important step you can take to help us serve more breakfasts to students in need. It’s only a mouse click away, but may make a world of difference. Together, we can ensure that children around the country experience Better Days, every day. 

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