Kellogg Company recognized on 2018 NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women

Shortly after being promoted to my current role as President, Kellogg Frozen Foods, my 86 year old mom was scheduled for knee replacement surgery – and I knew it was important for me to be there.

It was the classic career conflict: Here I was, the newest member of the Kellogg North America Leadership Team, and I was about to miss my very first Leadership Team meeting – for personal reasons.

When I brought up the situation to my manager, Paul Norman, President Kellogg North America, he couldn’t have been more understanding, as he encouraged me to support my Mom without a second thought.

This is one of my experiences working at Kellogg, in an environment that supports women at all levels within the company, and allows us to flourish at work, and in our lives as a whole.

So, it’s especially gratifying – yet not at all surprising – that the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) recently recognized Kellogg Company on its prestigious 2018 Top Companies for Executive Women list. The NAFE Top Companies survey evaluates companies on every aspect of women’s advancement, from succession planning to profit-and-loss roles, to gender pay parity, support programs, and work life balance programs. This marks the seventh time Kellogg has been on the NAFE list.

Kellogg’s representation of women in senior level roles is impressive in the industry, with significant influence and accountability. We also have a very impressive international Business/Employee Resource Group (B/ERG) Women of Kellogg or WOK.  It’s the largest and most global B/ERG at Kellogg, offering support, advice and opportunities for women throughout the company.

Being a Top Company for Executive Women means supporting us to be our best selves each day. For me, that means striving to be the best possible wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister and business executive – and being able to flex the time I spend on these roles based on what’s going on.

And on those days when I’ve had to put one of my other life roles ahead of my work role, Kellogg has always supported me in making the right life choices.

In turn, I recognize that one of my most powerful roles is as mentor for other women in the company – a strong, visible role model who knows the importance of life’s non-work moments, even as I continue to demonstrate the ongoing commitment to work that my career requires.

For me, it’s not either/or. It’s just life. And I feel fortunate that I work for a company that encourages me to be my best in all of life’s roles. A company recognized nationally and internationally for its advancement and support of women at all levels and in all capacities. A company that encourages a new executive to be there for her mom’s surgery, even if it means missing an important meeting.

A company like Kellogg.

P.S. I’m happy to report Mom’s new knee is working beautifully and she’s back to her active self!



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