Responsible Sourcing Our Priority Ingredients

To ensure that we are responsibly sourcing our priority ingredients, we actively engage suppliers and farmers in our direct supply chain. These farmers grow and nurture the grains and other ingredients we use to make many of the delicious Kellogg cereals and snacks people around the world regularly enjoy. From seed planting to harvest and storage, these farmers take great pride and care in their work. This is especially challenging in some regions where farmers may lack access to the resources they need to achieve their full potential.

To achieve these results, more than 60 priority ingredient suppliers are engaged in measuring continuous improvements or investment in improved livelihoods in sourcing communities.

In March 2019, Morningstar Farms® announced aspirations to be 100 percent plant-based by 2021, removing more than 260 million eggs annually from its foods. This goal contributes to Kellogg Company’s existing commitment to only source eggs from cage-free systems by 2025 globally under its Animal Welfare Commitment.

Following is the progress we’ve made against our 2020 goal to responsibly source our 10 priority ingredients, including corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, sugar beet, sugar cane, fruits, palm oil, vanilla and cocoa.



Responsibly sourcing palm oil

Although Kellogg uses a very small amount of palm oil globally, we have been working since 2009 to improve the sustainability of our palm oil supply chain. The World Wildlife Fund gave Kellogg a 9 out of 9 for sustainable palm oil production, identifying us an industry leader in this effort. 

All of the palm oil we use globally is sourced through a combination of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certified Segregated supply chain, RSPO Mass Balance mixed-source supply chain and the purchase of RSPO Credits. Kellogg continues to engage with suppliers, stakeholders, peers and industry groups to support efforts to reform and improve identified issues within the palm oil industry. Key to this work is our support of collaborative capacity-building efforts for continuous improvements. Again in 2018, CDP gave Kellogg an A- for the last three years for its work ensuring and sourcing sustainable palm oil.

Since 2015, Kellogg has partnered with Proforest to engage our Tier One global palm suppliers in a bi-annual survey to measure traceability, transparency and policy adherence. Currently, 97 percent of the palm oil we use globally is traceable to the mill, and 39 percent is traceable to the specific plantation.

To achieve our palm oil responsible sourcing goals, Kellogg is a member of the RSPO Human Rights Working Group, the Consumer Goods Forum Palm Oil Task Force, and a founding member of the North American Sustainable Palm Oil Network. More details, including disclosure of all our palm oil suppliers, sourcing mill locations and supplier engagement, are available in our Global Sustainable Palm Oil Milestones.