Hunger Advocacy

Giving a voice to children facing hunger everywhere

Hunger Advocacy

Hungry children need a voice. When their only meal may be a free school lunch or breakfast, we need to know so we can help expand feeding programs and connect families with local food banks. When school is out of session and the cupboards at home are bare, we need to know so we can support summer feeding sites. No matter the circumstances, when children are facing hunger, we work to create positive, healthy futures for them and their families.

One way we do so is by helping our colleagues understand what hunger looks like in their communities and most importantly, how we can work together to help. For example, late last year, we hosted a Coffee & Community event at our Battle Creek, Michigan, headquarters and broadcasted it to employees across the country. During the session, attendees heard from a local resident who shared her story of overcoming hunger and homelessness with the help of local charity partners. We then offered tangible action items, like volunteer opportunities and prepared communications to send to elected officials.

To drive policy changes toward hunger relief, we also meet regularly with legislators around the world to advocate for feeding programs. For example, we shared information with the European Parliament about how reducing food waste can help feed more people, and in the U.S., we advocate for important legislation around child nutrition.

“Often, we jointly meet with our charity partners and elected officials,” said Lauren Beck, head of U.S. government relations. “Showcasing how our public-private partnerships come to life in local communities is a persuasive argument for policies that ensure no child or family goes hungry.”

To educate elected officials and their staffs on the importance of school breakfast programs, Kellogg recently joined General Mills to host a cereal breakfast in Washington, D.C. Just by joining us for a bowl of cereal, policymakers and staff helped our companies provide 100,000 meals through our partnership with No Kid Hungry.