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Feed People In Need - Overview & Methodology

Through Kellogg’s® Better Days, we will seek to feed 375 million people in need through food donations and children reached through feeding programs.



For this metric, we calculated the average volume of Kellogg foods – in kilograms, based on Euromonitor data – that people consumer annually in countries where we provide food donations. To determine the number of people impacted by food donations, we track kilograms of food donated to food banks. The following calculation is then applied:


KG of Food Donated / Average KG per capita of Kellogg food purchased = Number of People Impacted


The company and its charitable funds may also make monetary donations to food banks or meal programs to provide food. In these instances, kilograms of food secured and distributed through these donations are reported to Kellogg, and the number of people reached is calculated using the formula above. In addition to food donated by the company, Kellogg employees also regularly engage in food drives and similar activities whereby food is donated to local food banks. In this instance, the kilograms of food donated is also tracked, and the number of people impacted is then calculated using the formula above.



The company will also track the number of children reached through feeding programs. This includes supporting and growing breakfast programs worldwide, such as in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Russia, South Africa, the U.K. and other countries, as well as expanding participation in U.S. school breakfast programs. Together with our partners, we will determine the number of children participating in the school breakfast programs or other feeding programs it supports, either through monetary or food donations.


Click here to download a full overview of our Better Days commitments and methodologies.