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Live Our Founder's Values - Overview & Methodology

Through our Kellogg’s® Better Days commitment, we will live our founder’s values by encouraging employee volunteerism, ensuring an ethical supply chain, supporting diversity and inclusion and advocating on behalf of hungry children everywhere and engaging 1.5 billion people to help address food security.


Living the values of our founder, W.K. Kellogg, Kellogg employees have long been passionate about donating their time and talents to support the communities where they live and work. We recognize that addressing food security is something that cannot be achieved alone.


We are committed to engaging 1.5 billion people by:

  • Advocating for food security, human rights, diversity and inclusion through our external partnerships, human rights strategy, and diversity and inclusion programs.
  • Supporting our communities through employee volunteerism by tracking volunteer activities that support Better Days, with two hours of volunteer time equaling one person engaged in a volunteer activity.
  • Driving action by engaging people in commercial and digital campaigns, and measuring engagement through:
    • Consumer-led donation triggers such as an on-pack mechanic;
    • Engagement and online advocacy via Kellogg’s websites, social media sites and other online platforms;
    • Leveraging existing loyalty programs, such as Kellogg’s Family Rewards, enabling consumers to take action; and
    • Engagement with influencers, government officials and other key stakeholders through speaking engagements, industry events and other meetings.
  • Providing wellbeing education to help people make informed food choices by tracking the number of people trained, reached, or supported through Kellogg wellbeing programs. 


Those that take action expressing commitment to join Kellogg in our journey to address food security through the activities noted above will be counted toward engaging 1.5 billion people by the end of 2030.


Click here to download a full overview of our Better Days commitments and methodologies.