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Veteran, IT Engineer, Cheer & Gymnastics Dad: One Kellogg employee’s story on work-life balance
Charles S. (middle)

Ten years ago, had you asked me where I’d be today, I wouldn’t have said, “I’m an IT Engineer at Kellogg Company.” I’m also positive I wouldn’t have added, “With the flexibility to take my daughter to cheer and gymnastics lessons regularly.”

You see, I’ve had the honor to spend the majority of my career in the U.S. Armed Forces – eight years in the Navy and 12 years in the Army. I’ve worked in a variety of specialty fields and traveled the world. I’ve met some incredible people and had many experiences that I’ll never forget.

Then, two years ago, I decided it was time to retire from the military and invest in another experience – being a dad to my two young children. As I searched for potential employers, I quickly became interested in Kellogg. With its long history of hiring and developing veterans and its commitment to living its K Values of integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity and a focus on success, I knew it was a company I’d be proud to work for – and I am.

At Kellogg, we are a team – a team of passionate people making a difference. Much like in the military, one individual could not succeed without assistance from another. The company firmly believes in creating a diverse and inclusive culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging. Kellogg aims to achieve this through varying efforts including its eight Business/Employee Resource Groups (B/ERGs), flexible work schedules, and opportunities to engage employees in their passion, talents and ideas. 

During my deployments, I went for long periods of time away from my kids. I missed a lot of things. Today, with my flexible work schedule and Kellogg’s commitment to work-life balance, I’m able to spend quality time with them – walking them to and from school, talking about their days and even taking my daughter to cheer and gymnastics lessons twice a week. These are the moments I cherish and am truly grateful to have.

Through my involvement in KVets & Supporters (KVets) – Kellogg’s B/ERG dedicated to celebrating military service and attracting and retaining veterans – I’m also able to share my passion for people with my colleagues and within my community. As a new Co-Chair on the KVets leadership team, I’m excited to do my part to help others through volunteering and recruiting events. As someone that has transitioned to the civilian world and has gone through the recruitment process, I want to help others find their own success stories.

Recently, Kellogg’s Women of Kellogg (WOK) B/ERG hosted a conversation with our Chief Growth Officer Monica McGurk and Working Mother editor-in-chief Meredith Bodgas for a discussion on what working women and men – at different stages of life – are looking for from employers in order to maintain better balance. For me, having flexible hours is at the top of my list, but how do others feel? It was a powerful and engaging conversation, and I encourage you to watch the event here.

As a veteran, working father and Kellogg employee, I often play three or more roles and am proud to work for a company that supports me in each role I play.