Partnering together to make No Kid Hungry a reality
Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Share Our Strength | No Kid Hungry

No child should go hungry in America, yet 1 in 6 kids lives with hunger.


No Kid Hungry is a campaign by Share Our Strength, dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America by making sure kids have access to three meals a day, regardless of where they live, how old they are or what time of year it is. 


There is no excuse for children to go hungry in this country. We have plenty of food in the United States and many effective ways to reach hungry kids such as free meals at schools and meals at summer community programs. But for a variety of reasons these programs are currently reaching only a fraction of the children who need them. No Kid Hungry is changing that by making breakfast part of the school day, teaching thousands of schools how to serve meal programs year-round and giving local champions the resources they need to feed more kids.

And our efforts are working. Today, one-third fewer kids live with hunger in America than when we started the No Kid Hungry campaign in 2010.


This success would not be possible without the support of partners such as Kellogg. Our partnership started in 2013, and since then it has grown in size, scope and impact. In 2018, the company donated $1 million to No Kid Hungry to improve and expand its school breakfast programs in the U.S. Because of that donation, and through other support, Kellogg has helped connect kids with over 35 million meals and 234,150 kids across America start their days with a good breakfast.

Kellogg’s financial support enables us to ensure more children are eating breakfast. But it’s not just the money. We believe the success of our partnership comes from a company-wide commitment to our work. Kellogg leverages all facets of the company to enhance our partnership – from engaging employees through volunteering at breakfast events to generating consumer awareness through messaging on packages of cereals and snacks, as well as through Food Network advertising and media-worthy events with celebrity influencers.

This year Kellogg also brought additional skills to the partnership.  With the support of the Specialty Channels team, Kellogg’s foodservice division, we piloted a granting model, which resulted in grants to expand school breakfast in more than 100 schools across the U.S.

While we’ve made significant progress, there’s still more work to be done. Currently, in the U.S., an estimated three million children who need school breakfast are not receiving it. In five years, we expect to have cut that number in half and be well on our way to making sure every kid starts their day with a healthy breakfast. We are also working on initiatives to reach children before school age and bring more summer meals programs to rural areas through new models and innovation.

We believe everyone has a strength to share in the fight to end childhood hunger. Those interested can get involved by attending our events, hosting fundraisers, volunteering and raising awareness on social media. A menu of options can be found at Together we can make sure kids have the healthy food they need to grow up strong, do well in school and live their best lives.

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